KH: BBS Final Mix TGS Trailer To Be Released!

Hey peeps!!

Tetsuya Nomura tweeted on The 3rd Birthday account that there are plans to release all trailers that were shown at this years Tokyo Game Show and that even includes the open & closed mega theater trailers too!

Here’s the tweet which was translated by!

“This time, all the PVs from the Open and Closed theaters will be released.”

As for a timeline of when, Nomura has this to say:

“We’re having outside contractors make the sites for each game, so it seems that uploading the videos isn’t a simple thing.”

Starting with the release of the Tokyo Game Show trailer for Kingdom Hearts Recoded (which you can view by clicking this link),  it seems that anytime soon that Square Enix can release a clear version of the trailer for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix! If you still haven’t seen a fan upload of the trailer, you can do so at this link.

As of right now Square Enix only has this teaser site for KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix, so I suspect that when the official site opens us fans will be greeted with the trailer!

So keep checking back for any updates on this news!