Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Cover Revealed + Soundtrack Compilation Info (UPDATED)

Plenty of new stuff today, huh?

Fresh off the new Re:coded screenshot batch, comes even more news!  First up, the final cover art for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep has been revealed.  As previously assumed, it is indeed the latest artwork featured on the new site.  You can check it out at the end of the news post.

In other exciting happenings, the official Square Enix Music Twitter sneaked in an announcement regarding a Kingdom Hearts Official Soundtrack compilation, featuring new music from the latest three games – Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.  It will be released February 2nd with the price point of 3,800 yen.  In current Yen to Dollar exchange rates, that would roughly be about $45 for the set.

UPDATE: You can check out the official soundtrack compilation site by clicking here.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Cover Art:

Sources:, SQEX Music Twitter, FF-Reunion

12 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Cover Revealed + Soundtrack Compilation Info (UPDATED)”

  1. Ryusuke Says:

    We’re finally getting a soundtrack? It’s about time!

  2. Rawber Says:

    Aqua is to sexy to be on the cover.

  3. Age Says:

    Dang it, Aqua’s attractive on the cover. But what I really want is the soundtrack *drool*

  4. Christopher B. Says:


    The soundtrack might be even bigger than the Kingdom Hearts Complete Soundtrack.

    Can’t wait to blast Mysterious Figure music on my boom box LOL!!

  5. Debenz Says:

    You know, you dont have to waste your money to get it. There’s a guy named Timmyturnersdad on youtube who has all the soundtracks since he games came out. Its in high quality and everything. Its the only KH music I would listen t on youtube.

  6. Christopher B. Says:

    Yeah I’ve seen his videos before, It’s nice listening them, I just want to own them. Plus I have a lot of money.

  7. Johnny Banh Says:

    Totally going to buy this game!

  8. Moon Says:

    Dude Not To Be Rude But U Can Download Them With VDOWNLOADER Or Youtube Downloader

  9. Top 10 Kingdom Hearts News Stories of 2010 - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Says:

    [...] 4. New KH Soundtracks Coming [...]

  10. Li E Says:

    Good buy for true KHfans. I will download the soundtrack after it released for best quality length.

  11. Harrytran48 Says:

    i want to know if we could play mickie mouse in kh bbs

  12. wall art Says:

    Great game, a modern classic!

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