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Kingdom Hearts Enemy Figures

When Hidemi Matsuzuka introduced the Kingdom Hearts Sora and Riku Tron figures, he also revealed small enemy figurines appearing to fight the Sora and Riku Play Arts Kai figures. Now the Kingdom Hearts enemy figures have again surfaced this time with all them sitting together. You can spot the Meow Wow, Meowjesty, Flood Unversed, Dusk Nobody, and the Shadow Heartless. Price and release dates are currently unknown, but as always, we’ll keep you informed when they do!

New Kingdom Hearts Keychains Revealed

Hidemi Matsuzuka tweeted out two new images featuring brand new Kingdom Hearts keychains. The keychains feature both Sora and Cloud in their Kingdom Hearts 1 outfits! Pricing and availability are unknown at this moment but we will keep you informed and updated when they do arrive.

Rare Kingdom Hearts Figurine to be Auctioned at Disney’s D23 in Japan

Disney Japan has revealed that a rare figurine will be put up for auction at the upcoming Disney D23 Expo in Japan. The figurine is a prototype of Sora that was used as a reference to his character modeling. The box containing the figure is also signed and illustrated by series director Tetsuya Nomura!

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Wallpaper July/August Released

Square Enix Gangan has uploaded another calendar wallpaper featuring the Twilight Town gang on their summer vacation for the months of July and August. It shows Olette, Roxas, and Fuu studying with Pence and Rai reading comics with Seifer arriving with groceries on hand.

Square Enix Events Schedule

(UPDATED) Hit Read More to see four major upcoming events this year!