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Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 52

The 52nd episode of Kingdom Hearts Union is here and the gang is back to bring you the current events surrounding the Kingdom Hearts series. Join Branden, Jackie, and myself as we deep dive into the news.

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 61

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 51

The 51st episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and after going through a couple of technical difficulties, well as they say, third time is the charm! Join Branden, Brian and myself as we head into the super rare long show as we discuss the latest happenings in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 50

Kingdom Hearts Union podcast episode 50 is here and what a milestone it is! Join Branden, Jackie, and myself as we first issue the warning that KH3D spoilers are now fair game, you’ve been warned! After the heed of warning, we move into the news section. We recap the recent happenings such as Jesse McCartney dropping hints about a localization of the English version of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix that includes a picture of the booth and a video of him performing the battle grunts. A look at the Japanese box art of the HD remix as well as more information regarding 358/2 Days.

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 49

The 49th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union has arrived and the show is packed with things to discuss. Join Branden and Lauren as they discuss the recent happenings that occurred before the New Year such as all the news and information that was released during Jump Festa as well as information that was in the last issue of Famitsu Weekly.