Kingdom Hearts Ultimania – Rumor Roundup #1

Sora, did you know that Minnie is having an affair on Mickey?-- What?! No!

Welcome to Rumor Roundup!

Some of you oldies (and I mean you dinosaurs) might remember a very old regular feature on Kingdom Hearts Ultimania in which we’d ask you to send in potential rumors you’ve heard in regards to upcoming developments in the Kingdom Hearts series.

We’d then comment and publish our thoughts on these rumors in our monthly ‘Rumor Roundup’ column – whether they be serious questions, oddball comments or just plain ridiculous theories. Now, we’re brought the feature back, complete with 100% sarcasm!

The Setup

So, over the past month, we’ve been asking via our Blog, Mini-Twitter and Forums for your speculations, discoveries and thoughts on what’s next in the Kingdom Hearts series.

In summary, there’s a lot of crazy speculation out there about upcoming games (omg did you hear that KHIII is about cyborg-zombie Sora who was raised from the dead and gains the power of time travel?!?!) and a lot of harmless opinions about possible story themes (leik dos keyblades r made of styrofome n dey only cum 2 ppl who r allergix 2 peanuts).

We enjoyed reading all of your rumors, so thank you, but now, sit back and enjoy as we comment on the legitimacy and stupidity of your submissions! So here goes nothing:

The Rumors

“Riku’s weapon(souleater and keyblade) have a crazy-cat/fish eye, and Xehanort and Vanitas’ keyblades also have that same crazy-cat/fish eye, maybe that eye is a symbol of darkness/baddies?”

We looked into this and actually found something in Hindu mythology. The cat-eye is often associated with Ketu, which means “shadow planet.” Ketu is also associated with the image of a moon, and when it crosses the path of Rahu (it’s natural opposite), they create a stage inbetween light and darkness (often referred to as an eclipse). Conversely, Riku has decided his place in the realm of light and darkness is on the way dawn. However, we can’t find any relevance between Rahu and Kingdom Hearts, so it seems only part of this mythology (Ketu) might have been used in the storyboard process. Undoubtedly, in KH they use it as a reference to the darkness. :]

“I’m just guessing since there’s been no announcement and it’s still way under raps but from how the games are lining up I see kh3 sep or November in 2012”

As nice as it would be to have the game out by 2012, don’t get your hopes up folks. It’s very likely we have another long wait for KHIII. Nomura has recently given regrets that he couldn’t get KHIII done by the 10 year anniversary (which is in 2012) even though he wanted to. There’s also been talk of whether or not it’s going to be on this gen console or the next one (scary thought!), which is another clue it won’t be out for awhile. Furthermore, the KHIII production team is busy with FFXIII Versus and haven’t even started production on KHIII yet. Nomura is in the planning stages for the plot, as well. Instead we should expect release in 2014 or even 2015 if we’re unlucky. On the bright side, there are all kinds of filler games to waste the time!

Dark Thorn

The name's Thorn. Dark Thorn. Got it memorized?

“Sora will kill Axel’s Heartless to return Lea to existence”

This would be plausible if it wasn’t for the fact that Nomura has stated you must kill the heartless FIRST in order to return a being to existence. Plus, we already killed Axels’s heartless.

“when (ansem) possessed riku, a nobody was made due to riku being pushed out”

A nobody is made when someone’s heart disconnects from their soul, leaving behind a heartless and a nobody. Riku never lost his heart or his soul. On the contrary, Ansem only managed to get control of his body. Much like the way Xehanort only got control of Terra’s body, which is also why we don’t see Terra-Nobodies running around.

“master xehanort came from destiny islands, so he could possibly related to sora or riku. and how did he escape the islands without destroying them?”

This is another “Xehanort is Sora’s dad!” rumor. Obviously, it explains everything. That’s how come we only heard his mom’s voice in KH1, they were leaving this shocker for later! About how he escaped the island….
He probably used corridors of darkness. It’s not uncommon for young keyblade masters to summon them, and it doesn’t leave any lasting effects on the worlds either. In fact, Riku also used a corridor of darkness to escape from Destiny Islands. Nomura has stated that people with a strong desire to do something (like Ansem/DiZ and Beast) can potentially open a Corridor of Darkness and even navigate them successfully. This is seen when Ansem/DiZ uses these corridors for his strong desire to take down the Organization, or when Beast travels to Hollow Bastion to save Belle.

“Rumor going on that KHBBSFM is going to be released on 1/27/11. Not much info about it.”

That’s already confirmed, dumbass.

“KH3 will have numerous playable characters from all previous installments: Sora, Riku, Terra, Aqua, Ven, Roxas, Kairi, Mickey. In KH3, the party will be Sora and a choice between Riku, Kairi, Goofy, and Donald.”

That would be a logistical nightmare. KH3 won’t bother the BBS formula of multiple storyline, especially considering our main Hero will be back in action. As for the party, it is more likely that it will be semi-set as it was in the other main games. There might be a choice to switch out characters in other worlds, but it will consist of Sora, Donald, and Goofy for the most part.

“i wonder if aqua ven and terra will eventually team up w/ kiari sora and riku, to defeat an ultimate nobody of Org XIII, the aftermath being of a nobody. finally lock kingdom hearts… or unlocking the hearts of those lost in the Keyblade War”

First of all, wouldn’t unlocking the hearts of those lost in the Keyblade War be a bad thing? They pretty much all killed one another. Their fallen blades litter the Keyblade Graveyard almost like tombstones. We can just see it now, thousands of people bursting out from the ground like zombies, moaning for hearts. Hey maybe thats how the Heartless came into being? Either that or we could have a Kingdom Hearts rendition of Thriller on our hands.
Speaking of which, Square have made a reference to Thriller before. The dancers in the Sorceress parade of Final Fantasy VIII are doing the Thriller dance. …What was the question again?

“Ever since the secret talk was revealed, I definitely think that KH3D is going to have to deal in some way with the Master’s Qualifying Exam. With that, I speculate that Riku, NOT Sora is going to pass. I doubt both will and it wouldn’t be fair to Riku with everything he’s gone through. It also would allow for a different type of development in Sora’s character that could be pretty interesting”

Having saved the world twice already, wouldn’t you think Sora should automatically qualify to be a Keyblade Master? It’s probably likely they will both pass. Sora has never shown any aversion to the darkness, and Riku has made a long journey to get over his. And then they’ll get secret forbidden knowledge of Keyblade Master. And somehow mysteriously unlock Castle Oblivion. And rescue Ven. And Sora and Ven will finally end their com-shuck. And they’ll save the world 2 more times. …And things will be pretty. The ~end~.

“ok well my rumor about KH3 is the story will have something TIME related cause when you battle the mystrious enemy. he uses TIME related attacks and when you beat him you get a keyblade that has a clock on it if you look closely”

Whoa, you’re telling me the KH3 is about time travel?! I heard it was about cyborgs! Obviously, the ultimate bad guy is the TERMINATOR, a time traveling cyborg. Even though he is defeated time and time again, Arnold Schwarzenegger– no, Xehanort–no, the TERMINATOR wants you to know that, and I quote, “I’LL BE BACK” (this is some kind of time travel mumbo jumbo, considering we don’t know which timeline he’ll show up in next). He teamed up with the white rabit from Alice in Wonderland, and now all of the armor and weapons have clocks on them. This is so no one will be late to the KH Apocolpyse. All joking aside, nice observations

The Stupid Rumors

“So leik I herd dat Kiari’s gran and Anesm totes did da nasty and basicly Anmes iz Kaiir’s grandfather!”

So like I heard that Kairi’s grandma is a hot piece of ass.

“I heard a rumor that Kairi’s keyblade is just a flower bouquet and everyone’s just humoring her. For the lulz, like.”

It’s a shame then that Aqua gets to wield it in Birth by Sleep isn’t it? =P

“roxas’s emotions are ven’s, because roxas is more than half a person, due to having more than just sora in him.”


“Aqua and Kairi will meet with Rikku to free Terra and help sora get Ven awake”

This will be an interesting story.

Kairi, Rikku, Aqua
K.R.A. in position. It’s showtime girls.


And Terra is his dad. They got pregnant as teenagers, had the baby, put it up for adoption and then ran away to become keyblade masters like they always dreamed.
THAT’S how come Terra is SO emotional once he sees Riku on Destiny islands. At long last he reconnected with his teenager dumpster baby.

“riku is inlove with sora’s girl, kairi. there is a scene in kingdom hearts 3 which shows riku persuing kairi. because she refuses him, he, as he is now of the Organization X, drops some sort of poison within her glass in order to tempt her will for him. She becomes almost hypnotized, as if like a servant. but Sora breaks the spell.”

You know, that’s got an element of Romeo and Juliet in it. It’s sweet. Almost like Nomura is the next Shakespeare. <3

Xehanorts confession

Translation: Sora, I am your father!

“what if sora turns to the dark side and he is forced to destroy kingdom hearts”

What the KH fans are really trying to tell us is that KH is basically Star Wars. KH1 is all about Sora discovering his force powers like Luke. In KH2 he joins up with other established people in the fight against the Empire. In spinoff material Sora will end up boinking a former enemy and she’ll turn good and they’ll have a child together, and in KH3 he will start toeing the line between good and evil. He’ll also find out that Kairi is actually is twin sister, then she’ll end up with Riku. Riku, as Han, even has his own Chewie (Mickey). Is this where all the “Xehanort is Sora’s father” rumors are coming from? Do you guys imagine he is like Darth Vader?

Honorable Mentions

“Kairis panties are white with a reb ribbon/lace. want proof? go to youtube and search ‘Kairis Red Ribbon'” (over here for all you perverts)
“@khurumors fskjsdfjd that icon is adorable. NAMINEEEEE”
“I believe that during the end of Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Hearts will finally be unlocked, allowing the worlds to become one again. After that Sora, Kiari, and Riku will go o”… (end rumor? maybe he got so nervous emailing us that he passed out?)

The best rumor, though, was the virus someone tried to send us through email! I spent days wondering why the email wouldn’t open! Hope you all enjoyed, and thank you SO much to everyone who participated! 😀
No matter how we answered your rumor, we love each and everyone one of you who submitted one. Thanks again.

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