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Christmas Time in the Kingdom Hearts World

‘Tis the season, fellow KHUsers. By tomorrow, visions of sugar plums will dance in your heads, or perhaps sooner if you’re on any sort of heavy medication. Regardless, Christmas is nearly here. For everyone that celebrates the holidays, you know this time of year is often a joyous and hectic one.

But, can you imagine how much more stressful shopping for loved ones and preparing festivities would be if you had to juggle it with saving the worlds from the Heartless?

GamingUnion.net Presents Holiday Podcast Special!

GamingUnion.net has put out a very special story podcast to celebrate the holidays! In this special, join the entire podcast crew (Darryl, Brian, Fozzie, Colin, David, Astharis, Melissa, and myself) as we rush to save the holiday season from an enemy so evil that he must be stopped! Will we be successful?

Listen to find out!

KH Birth by Sleep: Final Mix – Jump Festa ’11 Trailer

With all the new Re:coded info coming out, it’s good to know once in a while that we still have another game on the way. Square-Enix recently updated the BBSFM official website with the latest trailer which premiered at this weekend’s Jump Festa. Hit Read More to check out the trailer!

The Fan-Works Community of Kingdom Hearts

There are so many potential untold stories that Nomura missed in Kingdom Hearts, and so many scenes that could have been realized. Though he may have left them out of the games, or just had not thought of them, we can look to fans to apply their talent in story-telling, brush and art to recreate the whole Kingdom Hearts universe. Join Arcane this week, as we step into the ever-wondrous world of fanworks. Just what angles are these creators coming from? And what are they trying to create?

We’ll have a special bonus blog to close off 2010. It’ll be rooted in Christmas cheer…Kingdom Hearts style! So look for us on Christmas Eve!

Kingdom Hearts 3D to Appear at the Premiere Party!

It’s been rumored and speculated for a while that Kingdom Hearts 3D would make an appearance at Square Enix’s 1st Production Department Premiere Party. But now Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed its appearance as well as Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix in the recent Dengeki magazine interview.