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Nomura Interview From Famitsu: Talks KH3D & KHIII

That’s right folks! It’s been a long while since we had some news about Kingdom Hearts, in fact the newest issue of Famitsu magazine has an interview with series director Tetsuya Nomura and he talks about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D and a tiny bit of Kingdom Hearts III!

Unforgettable, Epic Battles…it’s all Worth it!

One of the most strongly praised aspects about Kingdom Hearts is its battle system. Although some depth is lost due to the ease of the ‘X’ button (resulting in the tendency to button-mash), if you’re playing on the higher difficulty levels, you’ll really appreciate the diverse attack styles and abilities, all delivered in a quick-based, breathless manner. Boss battles represent the epitome of this frantic fight for your life–the most dreaded feeling is to watch your HP bar dive down as you’re juggled mid-air in an enemy assault, only to rise up from the ashes like a phoenix when you’ve cast Curaga.

Open your mind and delight your senses by revisiting these epic battles in the following Top 10, presented by this week’s guest, Inaheart.

Square Enix Cosplay Contest at Hyper Japan 2011!

This year Hyper Japan is hosting a special Square Enix Cosplay Battle contest! The contest is for cosplayers that cosplay from the Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest series, Kingdom Hearts series and other games made by Square Enix, Square, and Enix!

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Speak Up Monday – Happy July 4th America!

How have you been celebrating July 4th? Today we wish America a happy fourth of July and Canada, a belated birthday (July 1st). Tell us folks, other than being around KHU a little bit, what are you/have you been up to? Hopefully, fireworks is part of your answer!

KH Birth By Sleep Wins Portable Console Award!

The 2011 edition of the Japan Expo Awards have announced several winners and in that announcement one of the winners was our very own Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep! They won the “Portable Console” award! This adds to the list of awards the game has won since its release last year! Congratulations!