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Richard Epcar Confirms Involvement in KH3D

Richard Epcar has confirmed himself that he will be playing Ansem/Xehanort in the English version of Kingdom Hearts 3D!

KH3D in Famitsu Weekly – The Grid Images

Famitsu Weekly images are online! They focus heavily on The Grid, which is the Tron Legacy world as well as Radiant Garden where Lea reawakens as himself, hit the jump for the images!

KH3D Shown at Nintendo Direct Presentation

Kingdom Hearts 3D was shown at Nintendo’s Direct presentation and the footage contains a couple seconds of new scenes if you want to check it out, hit the jump!

KH3D Featured in March Issue of Nintendo Power

The March issue of Nintendo Power magazine features Kingdom Hearts 3D on the cover as well as an article and a Tetsuya Nomura interview!

Kingdom Hearts Timeline

Brush up the series history and events before the 3DS edition arrives!