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GameTrailers KH3D Interview

GameTrailers had an opportunity to interview Raio Mitsuno who is the Product Manager at Square Enix North America. Similar to his earlier interview, Mitsuno discusses where Kingdom Hearts 3D falls into place in the series, what it’ll be about and some of the battle elements that the game will feature.

New English KH3D Screenshots Featuring Country of the Musketeers & La Cite des Cloches

New English screenshots have arrived this time featuring Country of the Musketeers and La Cite des Cloche!

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 41

The 41st episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and we have a show for you. Join Brande, Lauren, Jackie and myself as we read off the news that has happened recently such has the Mark of Master Bundle, Nomura’s revealing a demo for North America, and more comments Nomura revealed in Famitsu. Hit the link to listen!

KH Filmstrip Timeline

This is Tarif Khonder. As you probably know from his Show Off Your Collection post, Tarif is a KH fan of the most devoted kind! In that post, you can see he has his own Terra costume. Now, he’s taken the time to create a picture explanation of the entire storyline of Kingdom Hearts thus […]

New Kingdom Hearts Plush Designs

Thanks to hidemi_mad_dog on twitter, he has tweeted an image featuring a Shadow, Dusk, and Flood in a cuter format than what they are known for. The reason for this image is that they are designs for new Kingdom Hearts plushes! The designs were sketched by Tetsuya Nomura himself.