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The Greatest Video Game Music 2 to Feature Kingdom Hearts Song

IGN has revealed the full tracklist of The Greatest Video Game Music 2 which will be played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Track 13 on the list will feature “Fate of the Unknown” from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix as the song that plays during the secret ending FMV. The song will be played along side the famous Final Fantasy VII track “One-Winged Angel”. It’s great to see Yoko Shimomura’s hard work pay off by being featured on this list! The album goes on sale on November 6, 2012.

New KH 10th Anniversary Wallpaper

Shiro Amano has finished another Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary wallpaper, this time featuring Sora, Donald, and Goofy in their Halloween Town outfits! As you may remember, we reported the previous wallpaper in their Atlantica outfits. You can now enjoy this type of wallpaper for the months of September and October!

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 45

The forty-fifth episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here to give you the latest in Kingdom Hearts news. Join Branden, Lauren, and myself as we dive into the first bit of news which include the special 10th anniversary music album release date, an estimated sales figure of Kingdom Hearts 3D so far and a look at Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show 2012 line up.

There’s more! Hit the jump and give it a listen!

KH3D Meow Wow Plush Now Available in North America

Square Enix’s official online goods store has now stocked Meow Wow plushes for sale! If you loved the cute Dream Eater from Kingdom Hearts 3D here’s your chance to own one of your own! They go for $34.99 and hit the link to take a look at it!

KH 10th Anniversary Fan Selection Album Site Now Open

Square Enix has opened up the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection Melodies & Memories official site. The site offers a look at the a few of the selected tracks that will appear on the 2 disc album including listening to samples as well as information about each track. They also list the complete soundtrack listing of the entire Kingdom Hearts series from the first Kingdom Hearts game all the way to Dream Drop Distance!