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New Kingdom Hearts Plush Designs

Thanks to hidemi_mad_dog on twitter, he has tweeted an image featuring a Shadow, Dusk, and Flood in a cuter format than what they are known for. The reason for this image is that they are designs for new Kingdom Hearts plushes! The designs were sketched by Tetsuya Nomura himself.

Introducing The Kingdom Hearts Info Block

Are you looking for a site that revolves around Kingdom Hearts? Are you a Kingdom Hearts fan that doesn’t know the full story of the series? Or are you a fan who can’t afford to purchase the games on different consoles? Well this post is for you! A group of dedicated Kingdom Hearts fans have brought to you a website focused on bringing fans up to date on the story, Nomura interviews, Ansem Reports and even a glossary of used terms from the series. You can either be new to the series or a follower since the first game but need to catch up information you may have missed or forgotten. The answer you seek is called “The Kingdom Hearts Info Block”, made by fans for the fans.

KH Birth By Sleep Wins Portable Console Award!

The 2011 edition of the Japan Expo Awards have announced several winners and in that announcement one of the winners was our very own Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep! They won the “Portable Console” award! This adds to the list of awards the game has won since its release last year! Congratulations!

KH Birth By Sleep Novel Vol. 3 Announced

Square Enix has announced the third volume to the Kingdom Heart Birth By Sleep novel series. The title of this volume is called “To The Future” and will be released on May 26th in Japan. We’ll keep you posted for when any other updates are available!

Tetsuya Nomura Discusses KH BBS As DLC & NGP

In the latest Dengeki magazine issue, Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura was asked about if the PSP game Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep would be released as a DLC on the Playstation Network.

Hit the jump to read his response!