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Kingdom Hearts iPhone 5 Case

Hidemi Matsuzuka has uploaded two new images featuring the Kingdom Hearts iPhone 5 hard case. The design is similar to their Final Fantasy 7 Shinra case but instead featuring the recognizable Kingdom Hearts logos. A price and date hasn’t been set up as of now but we will keep you updated for when it does.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Dusk Plush Release Date & Price

Last year Nomura stated that he designed three plushes that were to be released in the future and so far only the Heartless plush has been released in Japan.

Now Square Enix has unveiled images of the next plush which is the Dusk from Kingdom Hearts II! The plush will go on sale in Japan on September 27th, 2013 for 3800 yen (about $38).

Kingdom Hearts Keychains Price & Release Date

As we reported in March that Square Enix was working on keychains based on Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories and now they will be released in Japan on September 27th, 2013 for 600 yen (about $6 each).

Disney Character Roles and Personalities in Kingdom Hearts’ Storyline

From picking your character and username when playing online games at UK Casino Club, World of Warcraft, or The Sims, to picking the character when playing games like Kingdom Hearts, game characters provide the main opportunity for player expression and storytelling. Kingdom Hearts has many well-known Disney characters that play a role in its storyline. […]

GameTrailers Kingdom Hearts Timeline Video Released

Originally teased back in February, GameTrailer’s next iteration in their timeline videos is now up and live! The video details all of Kingdom Hearts games as well as explains certain points that occur during the games as well. Hit the jump to watch the video!