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Kingdom Hearts Union Episode 63

The sixty-third epsidoe of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast has arrived and we have a special type of episode for you! Join Branden, Sabrina, Olivia, and myself as we get into this special Valentine’s episode by featuring a special segment called Kingdom Hearts You!

Kingdom Hearts Union Episode 62

The sixty-second episode of Kingdom Hearts Union is here and it’s the very first episode of 2014. Join myself, Branden, and Sabrina as we first take a look at the recent news that have occurred such as Nomura discussing the attraction flow abilities, Keyblade transformations, some information about the Osaka team and how he is currently writing the scenario for Kingdom Hearts 3 as well as Haley Joel Osment’s brief interview on Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 60

The 60th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and it’s another bro-cast! Join Branden and myself as we take a look at the recent happenings within the Kingdom Hearts universe. First up we get into some news regarding the information behind the D23 trailer including how the trailer was made in engine and that the graphics are still early and will be refined later on in development. Nomura also described (so vaguely) Attraction Flow which is improved over Flowmotion from Kingdom Hearts 3D and how it’ll allow Sora to find new ways to defeat enemies.

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episodes 59 & 59.5

Kingdom Hearts Union is back bring you not just one but two new episodes for your listening pleasures!

Episode 59 is our normal podcast set up where myself and Branden talk about all the news (or lack of) that came about during Tokyo Game Show.

Kingdom Hearts Union Episode 59.5 is our special Disney D23 episode in which we discuss (and celebrate) all the news that came about during the event. Join myself, Branden, Spencer and special guest Olivia as we go head first with all things related to the official announcement of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, a look at the new Kingdom Hearts III trailer shown at the event and as we discuss certain aspects of the new Tetsuya Nomura interview in the Conversation with Creators video featuring Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 58

The 58th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and in this episode we have a special treat for you! Join Branden, myself, and special guest Spencer as we review the latest happenings in the Kingdom Hearts universe.