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Behind the Voice: Benjamin Diskin as Young Xehanort

Voicing in the Kingdom Hearts series

Welcome to the first of the Behind the Voice series! For the release of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, we have a new voice to add to the cast, and it is here where we introduce to you Benjamin (Ben) Diskin, who plays the enigma that is Young Xehanort. Of course, we have an inkling of an idea who Young Xehanort is, but our heros are quite clueless. Click onwards to read about what other roles Benjamin has played to lead up to his casting with KH.

KH Filmstrip Timeline

This is Tarif Khonder. As you probably know from his Show Off Your Collection post, Tarif is a KH fan of the most devoted kind! In that post, you can see he has his own Terra costume. Now, he’s taken the time to create a picture explanation of the entire storyline of Kingdom Hearts thus […]

Take a look at Samantha’s KH Collection

A faithful reader sent me these very neat photos of a spot in her room that’s dedicated to…what else but Kingdom Hearts! Let’s take a look at Samantha’s collection of Kingdom Hearts merchandise.

Animadness – Simple and Clean/Hikari Covers Now Available

Hey folks, as you might remember, Jackie did an interview with the Brazilian J-Rock band Animadness back in December (which you can check it out again inside). In that interview they mentioned in the future that they would offer a download to their cover songs, now the wait is over! In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, fans can now download both their “Simple and Clean” and “Hikari” covers!

Posting Tournament Raffle Winner!

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Raffle Winner

As many of you know, during the month of March KHU held a fun Posting Tournament on our forums, the winner of which won a free pre-order of KH3D!