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No Kingdom Hearts 3 at TGS 2014


Kingdom Hearts 3 unfortunately did not make a surprise appearance in any form at the first day of TGS 2014 (open to press and businesses) I attended Tokyo Game Show today on the hunt for all-things Kingdom Hearts. I asked two separate members of Square Enix staff on the whereabouts of the game The first [...]

Timeless Characters in the Kingdom Hearts Universe

Let’s face it: we love every character in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Even if you don’t love them all, you know there’s something lovable about them. What exactly is it that makes these characters so timeless? Let’s take a literary look at some of the most prominent characters, both in-game and historically, to find out.

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Awesome Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas for Kingdom Hearts Fans

There are two pretty hot Kingdom Hearts ideas for Christmas we’ve come across recently. These will appeal respectively to taste buds and to the brain, so you’ll have something for everybody you know! The common link is love for Kingdom Hearts, so you can of course combine these two and add your own enhancements, too.

Gamescom 2013 Coverage

Gamescom starting August 21st, lasts until August 25th. Post will be continually updated!