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KH BBSFM Site Now Open!

The official Japanese Kingdom Hearts twitter sent out a new tweet just now telling us that the official site for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix site has now opened!

The 4 Things that Made Kingdom Hearts Great

SakuChan looks back at what exactly made the Kingdom Hearts series so great in the first place. But, What do you think are the best elements of the Kingdom Hearts games? Storyline? Gameplay?

Each Monday, we publish a Guest Blog post from a member of the Kingdom Hearts or Gaming Community. Later this week, we’ll also be inviting you, our visitors to contibute also.

KH Re:coded Ultimania Nomura Interview (Director)

Heartstation.org has translated another Tetsuya Nomura interview from the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Ultimania! Nomura explains the reasons why Re:coded was made for the Nintendo DS, the meaning of the title “Coded”, the battle system of Re:coded, and finally more developments of Kingdom Hearts 3D!

***Caution! Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Spoilers! Enter at your own risk!***

KH Re:coded in Nintendo Power!

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded has made its way onto Nintendo Power magazine in a 10 page preview of the English version of the game! It contains lots of images, a look at the timeline of the series, an explanation of the stat matrix, and even a mini interview with Tetsuya Nomura about Kingdom Hearts 3D. If you’re patiently waiting for the NA/EU release of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, then this article is for you!

New BBSFM Scans + Possible Cover Artwork?

Howdy again folks!

Some new Jump scans have recently surfaced featuring Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix as the center of attention! Click Read More to see the details and the scans!