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KH Re:coded Ultimania Nomura Interview (Scenario)

Heartstation.org has translated the series director Tetsuya Nomura interview from the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Ultimania book! Nomura answers the questions about the scenario of Re:coded including some more information regarding Kingdom Hearts III!

***Please be aware that the interview will contain spoilers regarding Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, so enter at your own risk!***

Gamingunion.net Presents… A KH Giveaway!

Our partner’s over at Gamingunion.net have announced a giveaway for anyone in the U.S. and Canada! Only three winners will be able to receive a fabulous prize!

Hit the jump for instructions & the prize!

Nomura Interview on Kingdom Hearts 3D *Update*

Gaming site Game Jouhou has summarized the new Famitsu interview with Tetsuya Nomura about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D title!! It mentions a few points on what the new game will feature!

Hit the jump to find out!

Visit our Kingdom Hearts Shop – Now Open!

If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts Merchandise, we have just launched our Kingdom Hearts Shop dedicated to providing Kingdom Hearts Fans across the globe with a one-stop, online shop for Kingdom Hearts Games, Action Figures and T-Shirts (including the popular line of ‘Hot Topic’ t-shirts).

Do you own any Kingdom Hearts goodies? Tell us about your collection and your favourite bits of Kingdom Hearts memorabilia just after the jump.

KH: Birth By Sleep Novel Vol. 1 Release Date

Square Enix on their website calendar shows the release date to the first Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep novel, entitled “Something Strange” for December 24th 2010 in Japan.