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The Worlds of Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a series that has fans across the entire globe. Perickles Sintakis, a Greek fan of the series gives his thoughts on the worlds that have been featured in Kingdom Hearts games and what he’d like to see next. But, what worlds would you like to see in the Kingdom Hearts series?

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KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix – Gameplay Videos

Now that players has had some time with Kingdom Heart Birth By Sleep Final Mix they were able to get to all the new bosses & content released exclusively with Final Mix! But don’t worry, the videos for all the content have been uploaded online for you fans who can’t get a hold of this Japan only release!

Please be aware as some of these videos may contain spoilers!

KH BBS Final Mix Secret Ending & Mystery Game Revealed! (KH: Birth By Sleep – Volume 2)

With Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix released, that means the new secret ending is up online! In addition, series director Tetsuya Nomura has mentioned a mystery game in recent interviews that has yet to be seen until now so please sit back and enjoy the secret episode and you shall see what the new mystery game will be titled!

Please be aware that the video may contain spoilers so please view them at your own risk!

KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Trailer & Music!

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix is now available in Japan and Square Enix has uploaded several videos the first being the TV commercial spot and the second being the final trailer for Birth By Sleep Final Mix which contains some gameplay footage from the new secret ending!

KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Site Updated!

Enjoying the new Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance news? Well the fun doesn’t stop there! Square Enix has just updated their Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix site with new pictures featuring the new Secret Episode!