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The Villains Special Part I: The not-so-villainous Villains

Villains are fun, and evil. Perhaps they’re fun because they’re so evil. For better or for worse, there are villains who don’t quite snarl at us, set exploding trip lines in our paths or act very…well, villainous. Everyone’s standard of how evil a villain should be is different, and changes from time to time, but maybe, this one time, we might agree on the personalities of villains who are lower in the food chain of evil. This is the first part of a series, where Sakuchan shows you the metaphorical dark side of the moon, and in this case, we find that it’s not very dark at all.

Coming Soon: The Keyblade iPhone App

There are iPhone applications for nearly everything under the sun these days. Kingdom Hearts will not be an exception. We sit down with Bryan from TangoDown Studios to talk about their latest project to bring a little something from the Kingdom Hearts games to the mobile sphere.

Speak up: What on “Earth” is Kingdom Hearts?

“Speak up” is the odd day of the month where we feel that you, as our reader, should get a chance to dole out your creative opinion and insight. The premise is simple: We give you a question, you give us your soliloquy, or maybe you can explain it all with a single-word answer. Discussion is free for all, no registration is necessary, no strings attached. Just reply in our comment area-we’ll be seeing you, then!