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Organization XIII Week: Real Somebodies and Serious Nobodies Part I

Organization XIII has a played a key role in the Kingdom Hearts series since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 in 2006. No doubt then that the members of this organization play a crucial role in the current and future storyline. For that reason, KHU will be spotlighting Organization XIII in a 6-part series over the next two weeks.

For our guest blog, Cloudy, a member of our forums, will be looking at the overall relevance of each Organization member to the overarching story of Kingdom Hearts. She will also be exploring the odds that we will see each member’s original “somebody” in the future story. Check out your fellow forum member’s ideas, and give us your own thoughts!

Famitsu’s Kingdom Hearts Survey

Click here to partake in Famitsu’s Kingdom Hearts survey!

Where the Hell is Kingdom Hearts 3? (Song)

Do you ever wonder why, after waiting so long, Square Enix hasn’t at least CONFIRMED that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be developed and released to the world someday? If you share this geeky frustration, like we do, then we have a fun song for you.

Where the Hell is Kingdom Hearts 3‘ is written by Declan Doherty-Ramsay, KHU Forum Moderator. Currently, he is currently fundraising for a trip across the UK to help him find his biological father.
Please note that this song does contain the occasional swear-word, but it’s all in good fun.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Novel Release Date

The official novel for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded has officially been dated! The date is set at July 28, 2011 in Japan only. The price of the novel will go for 800 yen ($9.96). So far no picture of the cover has been released but we’ll keep you updated for when it does! Also, have you tried out Norton 360 2012?

Speak Up Monday

Jackie Law:  I’m sure you’re familiar with the idea of cosplaying, aka dressing up as your favourite fictional character. In fact, some of you might have even attended conventions decked in authentic-looking Kingdom Hearts costumes, complete with hand-tailored keyblades. Those extra zips, chains, buttons and other aesthetic knick-knacks must have made the costume just a […]