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Ana and Randol Shows Off Their Collection

Here are a few more responses to my question: If you were to be left on a deserted island, which one KH item from your collection would you have with you? Ana, from Portugal, writes: “I would take the first Kingdom Hearts game (and of course, my PS2) because it is the beginning of this […]

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 31

The thirty-first episode of the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and we have a small piece of news! Join Lauren, Darryl, and myself as we talk discuss the playable cutscenes that are being implemented in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Want more? Hit the jump and take a listen!

KH3D Playable Demo at TGS + “HD Test”

Some good TGS news regarding the series! Click Read More to, you know, read more!

Where’s Sora?

Unless you’ve played Re:Coded, in the past few years, it feels like Sora has been missing from action as a significant, directive component of Kingdom Hearts. Roxas, Ventus, Aqua, and Terra were introduced as protaganists and became the characters we interacted with the most in 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep. Maybe you’ve thought of it, maybe you haven’t, but regardless there have been undeniable impacts that the lack of Sora has had on the look and feel of the games, as well as how players have reacted to them.

Cloudy is back by popular demand as our guest blogger, and she gives you her insider’s dialogue on this issue. Starting from 358/2 Days, she laments the slowed pace of progression of Sora’s story arc, but redeems 358/2 Days by what Roxas brings to the table. Birth by Sleep received greater accolade but the messily proclaimed “connections to Sora” felt forced and the future of Dream Drop Distance now falls into question. Cloudy rounds off the dialogue with a twist on what happens when there is too much Sora.

Show Off Your KH Collection: a Compilation

To show how much fans love Kingdom Hearts, I asked readers to submit photos of their prized KH collection. Considering all the submissions, here’s a compilation of several fans’ collections–Andrea, Nalima, and Maurice!

Check out more of your fellow Kingdom Hearts fans’ collections!