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J-rock Band Interview: “Hikari” Rock Mix

We have something very special for KH fans today! We’d like to introduce Animadness, a Brazilian J-rock band who composed two Utada covers recently, “Hikari” and “Simple and Clean.” Composed of members with both Brazilian and Japanese background, this independent band is composed of 7 members, who have created amazing rock singles. Click the jump to see the interview, hear their music, visit their Youtube channel, and listen to their Utada covers!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Famitsu Scans (12/22)

ArikaMiz on their twitter account has uploaded new scans of Kingdom Hearts 3D this afternoon (Japan time). They feature Shiki, Joshua, and Beat from The World Ends With You. As well as a look at “The Country of the Musketeers” and the augment reality features!

Kingdom Hearts 3D North America & Europe Announcement

Square Enix on their official North American and Europe facebook and twitter pages have announced that Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance will see a 2012 release!

KH3D Jump Festa 2012 Trailer

The moment we’ve been waiting for is here! The trailer that was shown at the Jump Festa event has now been uploaded for all your viewing pleasure! And without further ado hit the link for the trailer!

KH3D Jump Festa 2012 Coverage

Jump Festa has kicked off and that means new information from the event has arrived! This post will list all the information that has been revealed at the event.