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Stephanie Shows Off Her Collection

We like you guys, and we always find it worthwhile to give the spotlight to fans, who keep the series alive. That’s why Kingdom Hearts Ultimania likes to get in touch with a reader to talk about his or her foray into the games we know and love so well. It’s nice to revisit good memories and reminiscence about the good ol’ days, as well as look forward to the future. Sometimes, we even ask tough questions.

This week, Stephanie shows us what’s she’s got in her collection. It’s a massive one; 176 items! Check out the pictures for yourself!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Site Now Open!

The wait is over! Square Enix has finally opened up the official site for Kingdom Hearts 3D! The site features a look at the story of the game, it’s characters, worlds, and a look at wallpaper!

Joshua & Beat in Kingdom Hearts 3D

The current issue in the Weekly Shonen Jump shows a small picture of Joshua and Beat in Kingdom Hearts 3D!

Three Musketeers World In KH3D!

The latest issue of VJump has revealed The Three Musketeers world! Hit the jump to see the scans!

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 36

The final podcast of the year has arrived and the entire gang is here to cover it! Join Lauren, Darryl, Jackie, Branden, and myself as we discuss this episode’s burning question and answer the question of the listeners!