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Hands On Preview: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD at TGS 2014


Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD is playable on the show floor at Tokyo Game Show 2014. I attended the show today and played through a demo of the game for 20 minutes. As the demo starts, you’re presented with a menu that features the KH2.5 cover artwork and the choice of playing Kingdom Hearts 2, Birth […]

No Kingdom Hearts 3 at TGS 2014


Kingdom Hearts 3 unfortunately did not make a surprise appearance in any form at the first day of TGS 2014 (open to press and businesses) I attended Tokyo Game Show today on the hunt for all-things Kingdom Hearts. I asked two separate members of Square Enix staff on the whereabouts of the game The first […]

Tetsuya Nomura Leaves Final Fantasy XV to Focus on Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix has announced that longtime Final Fantasy XV’s director Tetsuya Nomura will be stepping down as director of the game while Hajime Tabata serve as the new director for the game.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Will Contain a New Secret Movie

Dengeki Online has reviewed Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix in Japan and has revealed that the Kingdom Hearts Recoded cinematics will feature a new secret ending that is unrelated to the original found on the Nintendo DS.

Project Destati: LIGHT Album Released

For anyone who’s a fan of the music from the Kingdom Hearts series, we have a special treat for you! Today, Project Destati, a group of very talented musicians, released an orchestrated homage featuring a selection of Kingdom Hearts tracks for your listening pleasure!