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Could Marvel, Pixar & LucasFilm worlds be in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Perhaps the most exciting thing to speculate in terms of the worlds that might appear in Kingdom Hearts 3, is the larger arsenal that Disney has acquired, and how that might factor into the scenes and characters we see in Sora’s next adventure.

Animadness – Simple and Clean/Hikari Covers Now Available

Hey folks, as you might remember, Jackie did an interview with the Brazilian J-Rock band Animadness back in December (which you can check it out again inside). In that interview they mentioned in the future that they would offer a download to their cover songs, now the wait is over! In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, fans can now download both their “Simple and Clean” and “Hikari” covers!

From Keyblades to Cameras: How KH Changed my Life

It’s not such a rare or miraculous concept: that video games, and specifically, Kingdom Hearts, can change people’s lives and lead them into life directions that could not have been foreseen. At a young age, Wes’ imagination was captured by his playthrough of KHI. That imagination quickly evolved into creative inspirations, and he soon was involved in the KH community, making and uploading his fan videos for a receptive audience who supported him in his pasttime. But it was just a pastime, a hobby for lazy afternoons, right?

Hardly realizing it, the previously simple hobby was becoming much more meaningful. A greater reality was unfolding. It is here that Wes shares his story about how he reached where he is today, a successful film editor laden with opportunities every day, and loving what he does. Every success story starts somewhere, sometimes in the least likely places…

The Music and Album Releases for Kingdom Hearts Games

Kingdom Hearts Music

I’m practically going dizzy from this month’s packed news stream of KH3D development, one of which being the announcement of the KH3D soundtrack, which will have not one, not two, but three discs in the set! That’s a lot of new songs! On that note, this week’s article is a contribution from Tuppence Magazine, who wrote to talk about all the music developments we’ve had since the original Kingdom Hearts; included are highly recommended links for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Mythos of the Keyblade: Present, Past and Future

Many series have objects that are central to that universe’s premise. Lord of the Rings has, of course, the Rings of Power and the One Ring, which are the driving force behind the story’s progression and all of the character’s actions. Kingdom Hearts has its own central object–the Keyblade. But, while some series have their MacGuffins as only two-dimensional objects whose purpose or story never changes, the Keyblade can be considered a character in and of itself. It has undergone development and changes in its story and usage, as well as how the characters of the series perceive it.

Quatre Winner returns this Monday to give you the development of the keyblade mythos from past to present, with a lasting impression of a future possibility for the mystic weapon.