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Kudos to the Underappreciated Characters of KH

It’s easy to talk about how our main cast shines, or how certain villains put the wheels in motion in the KH plotline such that without these characters, there would be no story to tell about light versus darkness, and no story to tell about the keyblade war. We meet supporting characters in every single world, and they usually have so little dialogue that we practically forget about them as we encounter the truly critical events in the original worlds.

This Monday, Eddie Gonzalez writes in with a guest blog that illuminates the role that minor characters played. Some of his chosen “underappreciated” characters concocted plans in the background, while others had such an effect on our main heros, that without them, our heros would have never developed the way they did.

Speak Up Monday

Hello, fans around the world! If you haven’t already received our holiday wishes yesterday, please accept our continued holiday wishes to you for the rest of the week! If you’re feeling a little full and stuffed full of turkey, mashed potato, ham, and holiday dessert, sit back and relax. All you need to be a part of the community is to be in the comfort of your own home (or whomever you decided to crash with last night) and have a login on hand. Here comes another Speak Up Monday!

J-rock Band Interview: “Hikari” Rock Mix

We have something very special for KH fans today! We’d like to introduce Animadness, a Brazilian J-rock band who composed two Utada covers recently, “Hikari” and “Simple and Clean.” Composed of members with both Brazilian and Japanese background, this independent band is composed of 7 members, who have created amazing rock singles. Click the jump to see the interview, hear their music, visit their Youtube channel, and listen to their Utada covers!

A Christmas Wishlist for a KH Fan

By this time of the year, school may already be done and the holidays have started! So that also means that by this time, you may already have a well-thought out wishlist of gifts you would no doubt cherish this Christmas. My one question to you folks is: Have you added any KH items to that wishlist?

This Monday, I compiled a list of 10 KH fan products that are popular then and remain popular now. The list is organized in order of pricing for the budget-conscious crowd. Take a look, you may be surprised at what you haven’t yet seen!

Poll Results: These are what you hear about KH…and it ticks you off

There’s a trend in any popular media (in our case, it’s a game) where the longer running the series is, the more attention it gets. The more attention it gets, the more it’s analyzed, compared to other games, and judged against all sorts of standards. Kingdom Hearts is no stranger to criticism—the first game was received very warmly but as the years worn on, it received its fair share of backlash from audiences who both knew KH down to the teeth, or didn’t know KH from Paperboy. What bad things do you have to say about Kingdom Hearts? What bad things do others say about Kingdom Hearts? Could there be truth in these often-spoken comments or is it mostly exaggeration? Tarif polled you last Monday on the criticisms that tick you off the most when someone’s chirping off about KH. Today, we see the results and Tarif’s two cents on how that came down.