Guest Blog Roundup

It’s been a full year since we started our weekly guest blog feature back in October 2010, and we’re still going strong! To celebrate this one-year anniversary, why don’t we revisit some of the most popular blogs that we have featured?

The Missing Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts: If you’ve been listening to the podcasts featured on our front page every month, then surely you will recognize the name of this author! Lauren from Gaming Union wrote one of our first guest blogs where she talked about her beloved Final Fantasy in the context of Kingdom Hearts. This article particularly resonates with those who are aching to see more Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts.

Your Favourited/Hated Organization XIII Members: We ran a poll that asked who you loved and who you hated amongst Organization XIII. The results were surprising to some, but not to others! A lot about the Kingdom Hearts universe has changed since this poll’s inception, including the release of 358/2 Days, which significantly altered the views of some regarding the Organization. If you had to revisit this poll, would you vote differently?

Your Top 6 Favourite Worlds: Another well-received poll was one that asked the ultimate question: which worlds would you like featured in future Kingdom Hearts games? We offered a large smattering of Disney properties, which covered everything from the 1990s Gargoyles series to Darkwing Duck. As the years go by, more and more can be added to the list! We’ll surely repoll again in the future!

Confessions of a Riku Fangirl: Don’t let the title of this guest blog deter you from reading it! It is a wonderfully smart-aleck and witty look at the female psyche, at least the part of it that concerns Riku!

The Voice Actors of the Kingdom Hearts Series: If you’ve been keeping track, then you might notice that in the time between Kingdom Hearts I and Kingdom Hearts II, we have had quite a turnover in voice actors. Even key characters (e.g. Kairi) are not immune to the change of hands (err…voices)! This is a brilliantly in-depth article discussing the past and present of Kingdom Hearts voice actors and how they can be compared. Do you think Haley Joel Osment can continue to voice Sora with no problem years down the line?

Check out some of the articles you might’ve missed. Thanks to the fans for reading over the years!