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Poll: What do you hear about KH that ticks you off?

Last time we saw Tarif (feel free to visit him on Deviantart), he submitted his amazing Kingdom Hearts collection for all of us to admire; this week, Tarif returns as a guest blogger to ask everyone a tricky, yet amusing question. After you submit your comments, check out the results (to be posted the following […]

Allison Shows Off Her Collection

We like you guys, and we always find it worthwhile to give the spotlight to fans, who keep the series alive. That’s why, every Monday, Kingdom Hearts Ultimania gets in touch with a reader to talk about his or her foray into the games we know and love so well. It’s nice to revisit good memories and reminiscence about the good ol’ days, as well as look forward to the future. Sometimes, we even ask tough questions.

This week, Allison shares her experience and shows us what’s she’s got in her collection. Check out the pictures for yourself!

Enter our Giveaway by Being a Guest Blogger!

We have prizes. Sticker decal prizes. And we want you to have them. But you have to show us that you want them.

If you like to tell a story or give an opinion, we’re looking for guest bloggers for our regular Monday column where we invite fans and other video gaming websites to discuss and write a column on anything Kingdom Hearts related.

Guest Blog Roundup

It’s the 1-year anniversary of our Monday guest blog–the newest addition to the site! To celebrate, let’s look back on some of the most popular guest articles KHU has published. Maybe there’s one you missed!

The Application of Kingdom Hearts Terminology

The heated debate must arrive at a conclusion! Readers and commenters, JC asks that you arrive at that conclusion in today’s Guest Blog!