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KH: Birth By Sleep Novel Vol. 1 Release Date

Square Enix on their website calendar shows the release date to the first Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep novel, entitled “Something Strange” for December 24th 2010 in Japan.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Tentative Cover Revealed

Howdy folks!

With the release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix fast approaching its January 20th 2011 release date deadline, various Japanese stores and chains are gearing up for the release event and pre-order preparations are already underway. While not the final version of the boxart, you can regardless catch a glimpse of the temporary pre-order box below.

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New KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Details!

A little bit of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix news has emerged coming from the Japanese site Amiami in which in their details about the game described several aspects coming from the game.

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Why Aqua is the Best Girl in Kingdom Hearts

SakuChan talks about the suprising impact of Aqua in KH: Birth By Sleep and why she might go down as the best Kingdom Hearts girl in history. But what do you think? Do you still prefer Kairi or Namine?

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KH BBS Final Mix Release Date Now Official!

On the official Kingdom Hearts twitter posted the official release date for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix! They’ve decided that the game will be released in Japan only on January 20th 2011, for 6090 yen (which is about $75) and with a CERO rating of ‘A’ for all ages.