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KHU Back Online! + Re:coded Pre-Order Bonus (Update)

Hello again folks!

First and foremost, the entire staff at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania would like to apologize for the recent downtime, caused by a server move and reorganization. But now we’re back, and per usual we’ll be delivering you top content and latest news for all things Kingdom Hearts. In fact, we might as well start right now! Click Read More for the latest news jump.

UPDATE: The forums are now back online as well. Feel free to check ‘em out!

New English Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Images!

New English images of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded have appeared courtesy of Square Enix’s official North American facebook page!

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KH Recoded Ultimania Now Released & More!

Like with every release of a Kingdom Hearts game follows an Ultimania. This time the Kingdom Hearts Recoded Ultimania has now been released in Japan! For those of you who don’t know what Ultimania’s are, they’re like a giant sized encyclopedia containing every bit of information of the game!

Full Nintendo Dream Interview with Tetsuya Nomura

Heya, folks.

Heartstation has posted a full translation of the latest interview with series director Tetsuya Nomura on Nintendo Dream. The interview draws some light on Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D.

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Nintendo Dream Interview With KH RE:C Directors!

The directors of Kingdom Hearts Recoded (Tetsuya Nomura, Jun Katou, and Hiroyuki Itoi) have all sat down and gave interview to Nintendo Dream magazine regarding the game!

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