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KH Recoded New York Comic Con Videos!

Kingdom Hearts Recoded was being featured at the New York Comic Con and today was the last day of the event but for us Kingdom Hearts fans, it’s only starting! A few videos from the event have emerged online some featuring the playable English version of Kingdom Hearts Recoded!

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded out now in Japan!

Kingdom Hearts Recoded is now officially out in Japan! It is the remake of the cell phone game that was only released in Japan Kingdom Hearts Coded, and now the game that continues on where Kingdom Hearts II left off is finally here!

KH: Re:coded coming to Europe Jan 14th and North America on Jan 11th 2011

Square Enix Europe published earlier today on their official Twitter profile that Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded will be coming to Europe on January 14th for the Nintendo DS. Square Enix has also put up the official website for North America, which reveals that it’ll come over three days before on January 11th.

Pre-Order & Import Kingdom Hearts Re:coded!

Kingdom Hearts Recoded goes on sale in Japan on October 7th, only 3 days away! For those who want to get a head start on playing the game can do so by pre-ordering and importing on Play-Asia.

Pre-order Kingdom Hearts Recoded via Playasia…………………… $64.90

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded To Not Feature A ‘Secret Movie’

Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura mentioned on the official Kingdom Hearts twitter that Kingdom Hearts Recoded will not feature a secret ending like many of the other titles have after fulfilling certain requirements. But instead it’ll feature a “secret talk” that will be important down the road for the future titles.