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Top Christmas Gifts for Kingdom Hearts Fans

So, it’s that time of the year again. Time to watch anxiously above door frames checking for mistletoe, time to drink a little too much eggnog, and most importantly – time to buy everyone presents.

To help the season pass a little easier this year, we here at KHU compiled some of the coolest Kingdom Hearts present ideas from Amazon.com for those friends you know who, like us, love Kingdom Hearts a little too much (if there even is such a thing)!

The Voice Actors of the Kingdom Hearts Series

Voicing in the Kingdom Hearts series

Haley Joel Osment, Hayden Panettiere, Jesse McCartney…the names we could recite in our sleep for their memorable contribution in voice acting in the Kingdom Hearts series. Of course, they are just one drop in the bucket out of the large cast of eclectic talent consisting of Disney-based, free-lance and professional actors.

This week, Kupo Mog engages you in an enlightening discussion about voice acting in Kingdom Hearts and how casting has changed and evolved throughout the years.

How do you feel about the voice acting swaps? Did you like new Aerith over old Aerith? Be sure to cast your opinion in our poll and broadcast your own say in our commenting area!

Why you should go to Kingdom Hearts Convention

This week, Xaldin Puppy gives us an inside look at the prominent KH atmosphere that has continuously defied the original event purpose at anime conventions. He offers us his insight on why the anime community is just as healthily attached to KH as the rest of us.

Tell us-are you an anime fan who has also set foot in KH fandom? Or maybe it’s the other way around and you were introduced to anime at a later time? We want to know!

How has Kingdom Hearts changed your life?

PrincessZelda tells us about the many ways the Kingdom Hearts Series has touched and inspired her life over the past 9 years. But, how has the Kingdom Hearts series changed your life? Did you grow up with the series, did it bring you closer to friends? Tell us your story.

PrincessZelda is an ex-KHU Blogger, who notably provided us with exclusive interviews from many Kingdom Hearts voice actors including Quinton Flynn (Axel).

Each week, we publish a guest blog post from a member of the Kingdom Hearts community, visit here to learn how you can get involved.

The 4 Things that Made Kingdom Hearts Great

SakuChan looks back at what exactly made the Kingdom Hearts series so great in the first place. But, What do you think are the best elements of the Kingdom Hearts games? Storyline? Gameplay?

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