Top 10 Kingdom Hearts News Stories of 2010

Our Top 10 Moments of Kingdom Hearts Goodness in 2010

10. Has KH Become to Complicated?

For every new Sora and new Xehanort, Kingdom Hearts’ writing team churns out, the story has literally written itself to a corner. Grassy’s article does a good job in pointing out the problems of the series’ storytelling, such as retcons and plot devices that the series might have done without.

Thankfully, as the article mentions, it seems Nomura is aware of this problem, so hopefully the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D answers these mingling questions that the past several games keep bringing up and bring the Xehanort Saga to a respectable climax. And who knows? Maybe, it can finally bring the population of Sora and Xehanort back to 2 again…erm…3…if you count Ven.

9. Kingdom Hearts – Piano Collections

Yoko Shimomura has not been idle over the years: she’s been doing compilations of her works, one of which is drammatica; another one of which was released in January 2010. The Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections: Field and Battle is exactly what it sounds like–piano arrangements of the world themes from the series.

Some pieces include: “Scherzo Caprice on a Theme of Never Land,” “Sinister Sundown,” “Wonderland’s Surprises,” and there’s even a tribute to Xion as the last track. They’re mostly fast songs, with dazzling finger work on the keys.

8. Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Redesigns

It’s only fair that I get to toot my own horn for this site, because in September 2010, Kingdom Hearts Ultimania unleashed its sexy new design, streamlined to display the all-important news pieces and also give readers the chance to post their reactions.

We improved and integrated Twitter and Facebook support, for news-with-your-coffee-on-the-go. May your Monday’s be forever graced with our fantastic new Monday column feature (such as this one) and your Kingdom Hearts knowledge expanded to infinity.

Make your witty remarks heard by entering our contests for a considerable prize by posting in our forum. Thanks for visiting KHU, y’all. Let’s K.I.T.

7. KH: Recoded Secret Movie

Kingdom Hearts is truly a series in which all story details tie together into a tight, intricate web; each journey leads up to the next. When the translation for Re:coded’s secret movie became viewable on Youtube in October 2010, this aspect of the games became all the more evident.

The secret movie features Yen Sid in a deep conversation with Mickey, where a deeply disturbing prediction made by Master Yen Sid is made. Sora and Riku are going to have to fight a lot harder in preparation to go head-to-head with a powerful threat. As Mickey said in his letter to Sora, Riku and Kairi (KHII), all their journeys may have ultimately been preparation for what’s to come.

6. KH: Birth By Sleep Final Mix Announced

Did everyone see it coming? Because I personally didn’t. I thought Birth by Sleep was well and done, but nope, its Final Mix version was announced in September 2010, to the surprise of myself but the knowing nods of others.

Based on the trend of Final Mix releases, it’s very likely Japan will be the only country that sees the game, but for those who import, you get to battle inside Monstro and trade Keyblade swings with a secret armored character.

5. KH: Coded to Come Overseas

Okay, maybe the overseas audience isn’t very enthused about or particularly impressed by Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded, but it’s still coming, with it’s North American release tomorrow! (Buy Now)

Previously only released to mobile phones in Japan, the release date to the Nintendo DS in North America and Europe was announced in October 2010 to light applause.

This release shows that Square Enix is not ignoring overseas fans of the series. We’re still not getting any Final Mix’s, but count your blessings.

4. New KH Soundtracks Coming

Speaking of soundtrack compilations, a major one was announced on December 2010. Each game (even the remake, Chain of Memories) has new music; the new tracks are either arrangements of previous games’ tracks or new compositions. Thus, there exists a compilation of the music from every game in the series.

With 3 games already released in Japan (358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, Re:coded), that’s enough music to put into a disc and up on the shelves. The official soundtrack is to be released on February 2011. Rejoice!

3. KH: Birth By Sleep Released

This top-10 wouldn’t be a top-10 if I didn’t include the release of Birth by Sleep in early September 2010. I must have been waiting forever for this true follow-up (or rather, pre-up) and canon (a.k.a. properly story-line related) game to grace a console that I own.

It’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s the first time we get to control a new set of characters who are nearly completely different from the previously playable characters (Sora, Roxas, Riku).

We finally see the state of the universe pre-KHI, as well as visit the worlds of the outstanding princesses who hardly said a word in KHI—Cinderella, Aurora and Snow White. This game marks a monumental moment in Kingdom Hearts history.

2. Nomura teases Kingdom Hearts 3 & Beyond

In March 2010, the longest Nomura interview since Kingdom Hearts II‘s release was translated and published. Comprising of the most numerous amount of sentences Nomura has ever spoken in a Q&A, the interview answered a lot of hanging questions about Birth by Sleep’s plotline and made previously wild or confusing speculations much clearer.

One of the most significant remarks about Kingdom Hearts was made here: “Who knows whether the series will finish with Kingdom Hearts III?” Thanks, Nomura, for unknotting a tight spot in my heart. To review the full contents of this interview, click here.

1. Kingdom Hearts 3D is Revealed

Nomura seems to be keeping his promise on releasing a Kingdom Hearts game once a year. From 358/2 Days to Birth by Sleep to Re:coded, he’s adding another to the list. On the third week of November 2010, Famitsu (a gaming magazine in Japan) published an interview about Kingdom Hearts 3D. Nomura had quite a bit to say.

To be released on the Nintendo 3DS, the plot will revolve around Sora and Riku at their Mark of Mastery exam, helmed by Yen Sid. It is to be considered a followup to Kingdom Hearts II, and we can expect all new Disney Worlds, a return of original worlds and a return of the dear-to-heart Traverse Town! Having the game in the new 3D technology is the topping on this piece of news cake.

What was your favourite KH Moment in 2010?

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